Nordic Noir Double Take – upcoming show in London

We just heard today about this show coming to London soon. It sounds interesting…

Thanks to Riverside Studios for this information:

The first part of the evening is a gripping example of Nordic Noir drama and the second part is a comedic examination of the genre.

Written by Jan Guillou
Dramatised by Benny Haag

The Evil is an adaption of a swedish novel by Jan Guillou. Danish actor Claes K. Bang – you will know him from Borgen and The Bridge 2 – has performed this monologue more than 200 times, to high critical acclaim. It is a personal and terrifying story about abuse and violence, based on the author’s experiences. Does one get evil, when exposed to evil? Or can you defy daily abuse and punishment, and stay pure hearted?

with Vivienne McKee

Killing the Danes is an amusing examination of the Nordic Noir phenomenon and asks why the Danes are called the happiest people in the world when a viewing of just one episode of The Killing is enough to wipe the smile off anyone’s face. Why do the Nordic people write creepy crime novels and create dark TV series and yet love to laugh at everything from Benny Hill to Monty Python?

In an attempt to shed light on this conundrum the Anglo-Danish actor/writer, Vivienne McKee, shares with the audience her unique insider knowledge of all things nordic, and attempts to explain what makes the Scandis such a humorous, miserable bunch.
More information and tickets available here:

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