Nordicana 2014 (Part One)

DSC_0116There are whole industries dedicated to the production of celebrity but Joe Public has the capacity to express his own desires too. He may choose to ignore that particular mode of consumption and follow a different one – celebrity ‘from below.’ It was easy to see a big difference between the first Nordicana event and this one – the main thing being that the celebrity status of those invited to attend, particularly the actors, had grown. There was a mixing at this event of fans coming ‘from below’ and others attending the event coming at it from a different direction.

Fans were an integral part of the event, tweeting, facebooking and blogging. Fans collaborated with the public in the production and perception of Nordicana’s purpose. Not everyone saw the second Nordicana event in the same way last weekend. It wasn’t a massive business based event such as the Scandi Show at Earl’s Court used to be,perhaps some people were expecting that. The event, for us, could be seen primarily as serving an informational function rather than an entertainment function, although there were many strongly entertaining aspects to it. The G File

As an event for fans, our first Nordicana experience in June 2013 was pretty satisfying. The actors, directors, writers and other assorted guests were of the highest calibre, they were approachable and clearly enjoyed the event as much as the audience did. The information available through interviews, screenings, signings and commercial vendors held value to fans and people with a general interest in all things Nordic.

Nordicana February 2014 continued to deliver on all of these points. There was evidence that the great success of the The Bridge Season 2 and the growth in popularity of this genre had slightly changed the nature of the event. The big stars were very relaxed and happy to meet people but they were not mixing as freely as before. The goods and information for sale this time were still high quality, vending staff were friendly and helpful.

Saga Noren's Porsche

Saga Noren’s Porsche

There were many positives to the weekend – free vodka, free books and of course, Saga’s car! What a stroke of genius that was! It was parked there for all to see and pose with. Staff were very friendly and the choice of food and drink in the Brick Lane location was vast. All the people we spoke to were amazingly friendly. Some had justifiable complaints but were still enjoying the event. Everyone we spoke to hoped it would happen again and saw the potential of such an event to be a brilliant Nordic Noir fan gathering.


  1. Graham Tonks · · Reply

    excellent summary of the event…… it was a disappointment that the actors didn’t mingle like those from Arne Dahl did in June ’13.

  2. andylawrence71 · · Reply

    Reblogged this on euro but not trash and commented:
    An excellent review of Nordicana from the University of Stirling’s wonderful Nordic Noir group.

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