Watcherama – The Bridge, episodes 1 &2, Series 2

Photo by News Oresund 23 Oct 2012

Photo by News Oresund 23 Oct 2012

Usually the Nordic Noir group watch alone, at home, then come together later to discuss. New year, New Idea! We thought we would try something different and so the plan for a ‘Watcherama’ was born.

We decided to try watching together and celebrate the return of The Bridge on the BBC4 9pm slot. We had the idea we would try and write something collaboratively afterwards. We don’t often write together as a group although we have discussed doing this often. Miriam and Douglas have collaborated on one blog piece together and some of us have collaborated on a piece of fan fiction so this would be a new challenge for the four of us, bringing together our various view points and writing skills.

We all turned up at the host’s house – off to a good start! Plenty of grog and grub (of course!) and not having seen each other for a few weeks meant that there was so much hilarity and a cacophony of banter that meant we forgot to turn the tv on at 9 o’clock! Once someone remarked on the time and we switched the gogglebox on a hush fell, but not for long! At first, because of the ensuing hilarity and conversation, it quickly became a game to read out the subtitles and relate them to our workplace (we all work in the same place). This led to more hilarity and conversation.

By this time, the host was finding it difficult to follow what was going on. Oh, the pressure of entertaining. There were glasses to fill, cheeses and biscuits to put out. But the programme was recording as well so all was not lost. Ah, there’s Saga. She seems more toned down and ‘normal’, or have we just got used to her ‘funny little ways’? And then Martin – his hair is much whiter and he looks even more like Alexi Sayle!

One Nordic Noirer, new to The Bridge Series, found the personae interesting, then negated the potential for any sensible analytical discussion by floating a comparison of Saga’s emotional reactions to those of Sheldon’s in Big Bang Theory; some re-education clearly needed here….

Another kamrat identified that a scene set used had also featured in the Killing. Given the extent of spiritual support partaken by the team, this displayed an impressive level of observation. The others indulged in a chatty wee exchange on architecture, past episode relationships, and speculation as to what the hijacked truck would be used for.

By the end of the programme this NN team member was left with a vague impression of complicated relationships, urban terrorism, psychological drama-rama, and recognition that a proper ‘viewing’ stint had to be added to the ‘to do’ list.

Sadly we have to confess that, as with many New Year good intentions, this one gently disintegrated. To wit, it transmogrified into an eat-in; supported by an elegant sufficiency of red wine; and was sustained by the ensuing craic.

Group work always presents a challenge. Each group has its own issues to deal with but everyone has an important role at some point in the creative process. Writing this together did facilitate creating this blog piece but the focus of what we had planned to write changed through the process. Some might say ‘must try harder’ but as an open minded collective group I think we would all say ‘must try again!’

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  1. It would have driven me daft! I need peace to watch my BBC4 Saturday night 9pm slot!

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