Homage To Clive James

This blog is supposed to be devoted to Nordic Noir…   going off at a tangent isn’t really playing the game…   it might well be seen by the rest of the NN team as committing blasphemy…    but, what the hell … it has to be acknowledged that when it comes to ‘good praisings’ of the enigmatic Birgitte, himself has a special way with words.   So, I’d like to encourage readers of this blog to keep an eye on his review page in the Saturday Telegraph; and not just for insights on NN!

Take first his offering on the 14th of December,   he reminds us that for some time Scandinavian Cultural Imperialism ‘depended on cops and serial killers’ and argues that if you have  ‘Birgitte and her brains; Katrine and her thrilling teeth; Kasper and his incredible disappearing and reappearing beard.  If you’ve got all that, and all the endlessly ravelled problems of liberal democracy, you’ve got a show’.      Comments folks???

The following Saturday Clive James declared his fandom thus:  ‘To the bitter regret of all Birgitte Nyborg fans, the latest season of Borgen came to an end.’   This is followed by an entertaining resume of the episode which led me to view it again.  With his observations in mind, and a glass of wine to hand, a host of little exchanges that I missed first time round came to light!    Tak CJ!!!

He finishes the review with a threat to Danish TV; if he starts a petition, I’ll be the first to sign it.


Finally, the homage part of this little blog…..    Listen to his radio interview with Andrew Marr on Start the Week.     http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03m40zj

The man is in a league of his own.   His ability to observe and communicate is difficult to surpass, and I for one hope for many more offerings from his elegant pen.   His reading of one of his poems is challenging.  Listen to it, reflect, accept, take note, and perhaps even weep for the simple honesty of it.


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