Nordic Noir recommends Clive James in the Saturday Telegraph

Edging across the slippery slide of a frost ridden path to the re-cycling bin on Monday morning, clutching a pile of scant read newsprint, the question ‘why do I take the weekend papers’ rears its annoying head.  The Telegraph on Saturday, Times on Sunday, this creature of habit buys them for two simple reasons – Clive James’ page in the telegraph, and India Knight’s in the Times.  Both writers rarely fail to entertain, amuse, and challenge with a pleasing degree of style and panache. 

I regret not blogging a few months ago when Knight did a piece on Borgen; if you can retrieve it from the depths of the murky wasteland of archived media, do so.   

On the Telegraph front, Saturday’s readers were treated to one of James’ brightest pieces.  ‘Losing sleep over beautiful Birgitte’ will bring a smile of recognition to several male friends I can think of who, like James, no doubt stayed up well past their bedtime, unwilling to miss a moment of the thought provoking Borgen;  not to mention the delightful Nyborg…

Deacon’s  ‘Are we too cynical for a British ‘Borgen’ on the 16th November in the same rag is worthy of a few minutes of your time…..  that is, when you have done with watching last weekend’s episodes for the nth time!

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  1. George Geddes · · Reply

    Missed the first week (clash with my wife’s choir concert) but knew that iPlayer would suffice… Slightly peeved, therefore, that Borgen only lasts a week there!

    Santa better bring the season 3 boxed set, or he’s in big trouble…

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