The Scandinavia Show, London!

Nordic Noir will be partaking in some TV tourism of a sort this weekend.  I guess it is fair to say that I probably would have lusted after a trip to a show like this 3 years ago, but my desire has been fired up by the current interest in Nordic Noir and this has led to a bit more of a passion for all things Scandinavian than in previous years when it was just a slow burning interest. So for the first time since the show started in 2010 I am actually going to attend.

My previous trip to the Nordicana event has lead me to believe that the show should be civilised, interesting, child friendly and well organised with a hint of liquorice in the air. Nordicana have a spot organised which I hope to attend and I hope they have some DVD  box sets for sale somewhere.  I love a bit of Scandinavian design so I look forward to seeing some of that as well as the ‘Vikings’ and the reindeer, although I am aware of the irony of a Scot travelling to London to see reindeer when there is a herd of them just up the road in the Cairngorms.

The show is organised by Scan magazine and will clearly have a strong  Scandinavian brand focus which will probably be beautiful, expensive and functional so I was surprised to notice that drag queen Madame Katastroff will be mingling and wonder how she fits into all of this.  A friend recently told me that it is quite the done thing down south to have a drag queen at corporate events to work the crowd.  In Scotland we usually have men in kilts with a few pints of beer in their belly to do that but I embrace the difference and hope Finnish born Madame Katastroff embraces the comfort of Ecco shoes or if sensible shoes are not to her taste she enjoys taking the weight of her stilettos in a Stressless Ekornes easy chair.


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