Bloody Scotland Festival

Nordic Noir recommends the Arne Dahl session at Bloody Scotland on Saturday 15th September at 12.00.   Chaired by Jenny Brown this event promises to be an opportunity to explore Dahl’s approach to the recent BBC4 series where followers and fans were left wanting more.

A light regret descended as we watched the actions of the Team come to an end.   The challenging content confirmed that the Arne Dahl intercrime series was developing into an effective recipe for our future enjoyment.   Take three team members out and a lesser entity remains with a deficit of contrasting temperaments, quirks, and ‘attitude’.   The strong women (Jenny and Kirsten) have to stay.  The eccentric Finn adds an interesting edge.   Gunnar, the gentle giant, lends a degree (but only a degree) of normality while his Chilean side kick is ‘sharp’.   The others…  well, they  could probably be neatly consigned to Tulliallan for re-training.

Quoting from the festival website

With his Intercrime series featuring an elite group of detectives, Arne Dahl has long been acclaimed as a distinguished and bestselling writer in Germany, Denmark and his native Sweden. Thanks to the BBC screening of his novels, the UK is now fast catching up with the publication first of The Blinded Man and now Bad Blood. Don’t miss this chance to meet the new sensation of Scandinavian crime writing’

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