August creates as she slumbers, replete and satisfied*

Summer lunch  2013 (3)

Team Nordic Noir: Sheila, Douglas, Miriam, Christine

Time for a summery lunch catch up, we haven’t had a chance for a while due to various work commitments and annual leave.   We stuck to the noir theme as usual but this time the theme was multi-cultural! The food embodied Italian noir (Taleggio cheese, Parma ham), Tartan noir (oatcakes, local eggs), French noir (a smelly french cheese whose name escapes me, baguette, Brittany butter, salad) and a bit more sunshine food thrown in for good measure; tzatziki, hummus, olives,  pitta bread, feta cheese. Nordic noir was present in the form of the Swedish Summer Strawberry custard cream cake in the middle of the table which was based on a recipe someone passed on at Nordicana.  Apparently this type of cake is popular all over Scandinavia in the summer months for special occasions such as  Midsummer’s eve or birthdays.

Summer lunch 1 2013 (1)

We spoke about having some more face to face discussion groups in various places and possibly a small meet up at the Bloody Scotland Crime Festival in Stirling in September.  There was some discussion of Top of the Lake, Field of Blood, Sebastian Bergman, how unsatisfying the tv programming has been recently. Not to mention spectacular summer storms in France, tropical weather in Scotland, Tunnock’s caramel wafers, the way the world views engineers and when will Montalbano be back on our screens?!!

*from The Twelve Seasons by JW Krutch, 1949

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  1. As requested by some people on the facebook group:

    Strawberry Custard Cake Recipe
    150g SR Flour
    1 teasp baking powder
    150g of sugar
    half teasp vanilla extract
    3 eggs
    150g margerine or butter
    Good blob strawberry jam
    500g strawberries
    double cream

    Grease and line a swiss roll type tin or two round sponge cake tins of you want a circular cake. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C. Cream butter/sugar/vanilla add eggs and mix up. Sieve in dry flour and baking powder. Mix. Spoon into tins. Cook for approx 25-35 mins. Leave to cool in the tin(s).

    Whip up 125ml of double cream until stiff , add half a tin of Ambrosia Custard (or about 200 mls of cold custard) and gently mix together. Clean and slice 500g of strawberries. Take cold sponges out of tins and remove paper. Place on the serving dish you want to use.If you have done swiss roll style tin, then spread a blob of jam over the sponge then some cream and cover with fruit. if you did round sponges sandwich together with jam, some of the cream and fruit then cover cake with rest of the cream and fruit.

    Invite your friends round to eat, always tastes better when made with love and shared!

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