Les Revenants – The Returned

Andy is member of our Nordic Noir Facebook Group and wrote this review of Les Revenants on his own personal blog.


Bonjour.  If you haven’t been watching this, this will mean nothing at all to you.  If you are not up to date, there may be some spoilers.

Now I am a lover of foreign drama, Nordic Noir being a particular favourite.  I loved the French detective series Spiral, so I was interested to see how Les Revenants would be.  It was very popular in France and with two episodes left of the first series, it certainly seems to be working here.  A lot of people who don’t usually watch subtitled stuff seem to have got on board with this.  I hope this does encourage people to watch more as there is a lot of great foreign stuff out there.

The Returned is gripping stuff and every week seems to bring up yet more unanswered questions than answering any that have been raised previously.  There are increasingly more questions too about…

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  2. […] Les Revenants – The Returned […]

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