Arne Dahl – Nordic Noir or New Tricks?

They are a group. No strong central character, so different from Wallander, the Killing, the Bridge etc. Slowly we are finding out the back stories of the group. (This crack team who seem to spend an inordinate amount of time in their dingy office, drinking coffee.) But the episodes so far seem to be falling in to the use of cliches – oh no, Jorge has been shot. But wait a mo, surprise, he was wearing a vest, so it was just a scratch. I realised after watching the last episode, that I wasn’t really aware I was reading subtitles. So it was familiar, like watching New Tricks or something like that. I will carry on watching it, but it wasn’t Nordic Noir. (SS)


  1. Douglas brownlie · · Reply

    Agree Sheila, this is more soap-opera than finely honed suspense filled plot and character!

  2. It’s more reminiscent of Taggart tho in the sense that the crime is solved in two episodes! And the characters of the magnificent 7 expand.

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