how does TV work?

Following from the confectionary cox post, it seems that how TV works informs our understanding of the fascination with Nordic noir. Clearly content is important; but maybe form is too? I recall McLuhan’s observation in this vein that ‘ the medium is the message’: in other words that form is not silent; it frames content and what gets said.


  1. What about books? The current trend for nordic noir also applies to literature . Can the same thing be said of books?

    Also thinking about the differences between say Arne Dahl and The Killing…what about film? The Killing was shot like a film, Arne Dahl is clearly shot like a tv show. Does ‘the medium is the message’ apply to film (or film like) form. (MVO)

  2. Tell us more about the filming?

  3. However it works, and whatever is at work, the working differs according to age, or generation, according to the first of our discussion groups. Fans as taste-collectives ?

  4. i think it is limiting to group fans by age, I think it has more to do with shared experience & lifestyle. (mvo)

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