Cox confectionary

The media contrivance, Brian Cox, argues in this article (media product) that TV works; it inspires youngsters to express an interest in science or even take it up. I’m wondering what ‘work’ is being done when TV works? It seems that if the medium of TV works for confectionary cox through providing inspiration and creating fans; and it works for Nordic Noir through generating fascination and creating fans, then maybe HOW the work of TV gets done is independent of content: it always results in fans, or in the case of TV ads, consumers! (DB)


  1. Far too sweet for me.

  2. Below is a small exchange about this topic which took place in our Facebook group:

    CW – depends what you mean by ‘confectionary’ in this context. If it means ‘attractive presenters/actors’ then I doubt it. I can’t see my teenage relatives watching a whole hour of geek science for that reason – unless they have the sound turned off
    CW – interesting question – I started a response by saying ‘it’s science-celebs, Cox and co dispel the geek image..’ but there is much more to it than that and I do think that he is taking credit for a more than he delivers.
    DB – PROMOTIONAL CULTURE: media-invention boasts, via the media, that the media works! Nicely placed PR.
    DB – when TV works, what is at work? What work is being done?
    MVO – transferal of passion?
    DB – science progs fronted by the confectionary cox work for similar reason as Borgen and the killing?
    MVO – They treat their audience with respect?
    CW – actual self image and ideal self image issues I suspect

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